Where the Fuck Have You Been?

 2020 has been shit.

I think we can all agree on that, and my brain has slowly shut down more and more as it has progressed as some kind of defense mechanism. Which led to no reading, no reviewing, dropping out of social media for the most part, and just disconnecting a lot both online and in real life. My review pile is gigantic and so overdue, and even with my generally lax approach to reviewing and blogging I still managed to drop a lot of balls. I can’t even muster up any anxiety or guilt over it because I just Can Not Do It. Am I back to normal and ready to read and review at a breakneck pace? Hell no. But I haven’t tapped out yet (I’m just trying to remember how to be a person again).

Enough boohoo blues, here’s what’s on deck for Biblioculus.

*HAUNTED GIRLFRIEND by James Nulick: I’m not even sure how to describe this collection of stories, which for me is almost an immediate stamp of approval, but if I were to try “uncomfortably human” is the big feeling.

CONFIDENCE MAN by Anthony Dragonetti: Brutalism but make it literature. I can’t decide if these stories feel more like a razor sharp switchblade in the ribs, or getting your face ground into the concrete, but all that actually matters is that they’re good as hell.

BORNE OF THE DEEP by Michael Patrick Hicks: The second installment in his Salem Harley trilogy, Hicks gives us even more reason to love his protagonist, and even more Lovecraftian monsters and atmosphere.

WHERE DRAGONFLIES DANCE by A.A. Medina: Expanding on the world of Claybrook County, all I could think after finishing was “What the fuuuuuck????” (in a really good way)

WILD, DARK TIMES by Austin Case: Occult, rock bands, bank tellers- this made have been tailor made just for me?

THE LIGHT ACROSS THE STREET by J.D. Buffington: Short, but not exactly sweet, a quick read that helped coax me back into reading.

TIME. WOW by Neil Clarke: Perfect. Seriously, this collection resonated with me every step of the way.

NEGATIVE SPACE by B.R. Yeager: I’m calling it, I’ve already been calling it- this is my book of the year, my number one. I alternate between no words and too many words to express my love for this one.

Stay safe and stay sane out there folks, it don’t come easy.