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SPOTLIGHT: Changing of the Guards by Matt Spencer

Today I'm excited to share a sneak peek of an upcoming fantasy novel Changing of the Guards by Matt Spencer!
Cover by Pablo Fernandez 
Captain Severen Gris of the Spirelight International Police set out into the Scnlogmire mountain ranges, to put down one more local upstart bandit gang. That was before he learned a terrible secret, of corruption within the Spirelight Empire itself, threatening the entire countryside. Now an outlaw among his own people, Severen must strike an uneasy alliance against the very Theocracy he’s sworn to serve, with his sworn enemy, the bandit chief Rorkaster,. Nothing is what it seems, in this fast, vicious sword-and-sorcery tale of frontier action and high intrigue.
Changing of the Guards will be available  April 2, and you can pre-order for just 99 cents. Check out the first chapter below!
First Look: Changing of the Guards By Matt Spencer
Prisoners Severen never quite lost consciousness on the way to the enemy camp, through the steep, rising hills. His c…

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