Review copy provided courtesy of the author.

Years after surviving a horrific trauma, Adrienne has changed her name, and is living a pleasant life with her husband and two children. Now, Adrienne's past is forcing it's way into her present, but can she survive the horrors again?

Gemini is a horror-thriller where a woman haunted test by her traumatic past, finds herself literally haunted by the personification of her trauma (which I though was a wonderful concept). There's good versus evil, nature versus nurture, the sins of the father (and mother(s)) etc and while it was a bit on the nose in some respects, it wasn't unbearably so. It does require the reader to easily suspend their disbelief and roll with the punches (luckily I'm pretty skilled in that department) but many readers may find themselves scratching their heads and asking questions that don't really have answers. Also content warning regarding rape, abortion, and animal death. I felt the assault and aftermath were handled with care overall, but it's worth giving warning, and their are two animal deaths that are quite gruesome,  so proceed with caution!

The writing style is very descriptive, often down to minute details, which made it hard at times to get in, and stay, immersed in the story. However, quite a few of those descriptions led to some really gorgeous and unique metaphors, and I was actually mostly impressed by the level of thought put into each detail. I also read this during a reading slump (and to be honest, just an overall mental slump) but the final act jolted me out of analytical/disconnected mode, and had me on the edge of my seat, and tense, and thinking, "Surely this is where they catch a break and things turn around right???" Nope, it kept getting worse, and I HATED the best possible way!

While Gemini has it's imperfections, I was entertained and intrigued throughout. I believe what we have here is a talented author getting warmed up, and I'm excited to see more of what Eberle has in store.