Review copy provided courtesy of the author. 

Earth has been devastated by climate change, leaving only scattered villages and settlements dependent on a few remaining truck drivers for supplies. Four truckers find themselves on a dangerous mission to take medical supplies to save a group of scientists working on a machine that could save the planet.

I was in the mood for a good post apocalyptic type book, and By the Feet of Men delivered for me. The subject of climate change, and the elite few hoarding what precious resources are left available, makes it especially relevant. Price avoids over explaining, and creates a future that feels real, and more possible than ever.

The characters, and the dynamics between them, really made the story stand out. There are four trucks with two drivers each, and each feels distinct and unique, even when they are filling the role of familiar archetypes. The fearless leader isn't so fearless, and frequently lashes out, and his driving partner is a tender hearted optimist capable of cold decisions. I was particularly impressed by the arc of one character in particular who would've been so easy to leave as a 2-D stereotype, but instead is handled in a much more satisfying (not to mention more realistic) manner. Even the characters with less page time stood out in their own ways, and I actually felt care and concern for them and their quest.

I'm a reader that prefers standalone novels, and By the Feet of Men does feel complete, yet still open to further exploration, and I would actually love to see it extended into a trilogy!