BOOK REVIEW: Kinfolk by Matt Kurtz

Many thanks to Matt Kurtz for sending me this copy in exchange for an honest review!

Years after exacting brutal revenge on the wrong man, criminal brothers Ray and Eric embark on a trip to truly get their vengeance. Unfortunately for the duo, on their road trip across Texas towards Oklahoma they take a back road to elude the cops and run into a family with peculiar tastes.

In many ways Kinfolk by Matt Kurtz is a pretty standard tale of backwoods cannibals. City folks take the back roads, an accident leaves them on foot with no cell phone service, and they cross paths with creepy deviant rednecks with a penchant for bloodshed. However, Ray and Eric aren't a some group of college kids looking to party, they are armed and dangerous criminals, and they set this story apart and make it one compelling read. The brothers have guns, are cunning, and are no strangers to violence, and this gave the story so much more tension than a group of canon fodder meeting various ends. Although they may be outnumbered they prove to be evenly matched in their fight for survival. Add in a burning need to survive so they can exact their revenge and you've got one high octane horror story on your hands.

There's something about homicidal rednecks that I just can't resist. I think part of it may be that I myself am a backwoods redneck (not a murderous or cannibalistic one though, promise) and the backwoods cannibals never eat their fellow rednecks so even when my stomach churns and I feel disturbed, I also think to myself "They wouldn't fuck with ME though". I also want to thank the author for the heads up on the opening chapter, it is graphic, disturbing, and incredibly uncomfortable to read, but it isn't without purpose, and if you can power through it you'll find yourself in one killer story you won't want to put down (I sure couldn't).