Review Policy

**Temporarily closed to review requests. I will be accepting review requests again starting January 1st**

My review policy is that....I don't really have a review policy at this time? This page is currently a slowly evolving work in progress. Blogging and reviewing is very much a hobby for me, so my main goals are to have fun reading cool books, and supporting authors and publishers while doing so.

I'm especially partial to horror, bizarro, and weird fiction, but really any books that don't fit neatly into a certain category, or are just generally "out there" always catch my interest.

If you would like a review published by a specific date, or within a certain time frame, please let me know in the review request so I can be sure I will be able to meet the deadline before accepting the request (short notice is ok!). I always cross post reviews to Amazon and Goodreads, if there are any other places you would like the review shared to, please let me know and I will certainly try. On that note, I have a personal aversion to giving star ratings (I'm super uncomfortable with the idea of me of all people "grading" someone's work) and if I can get away with sharing the review without a rating I will leave it blank.

If you are an author or poet interested in having me read and review your work feel free to contact me at I accept both digital or hard copy.