Review Policy

**I have a big move/life change coming up in August. I'm not closed to review requests, but I can't guarantee any future requests getting reviewed until after September at this time**

My review policy is that....I don't really have a review policy at this time? Right now the majority of the books I talk about here are ones I have purchased myself, but if the book mentioned was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review it will be explicitly stated. I do not accept payment for reviews or features.

Horror, bizarro, weird fiction, and noir are my main jams. I also love fantasy provided it's of a dark and stabby nature, and without a romance being a central part of the story. I'm pretty open minded overall when it comes to genre though, and if it's hard to categorize, or defies genre conventions I'm probably intrigued at the very least. However, extreme horror, hard sci-fi, and romance are pretty iffy for me, but I'll read just about anything if it grabs my interest! I'm also now accepting poetry collections for review.

If you are an author or poet interested in having me read and review your work feel free to contact me at (I accept both hard copy and digital)


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